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Renovation project Mallorca Pollensa – identifying Property with Potential

At Rodemann & Wood, we have had years of Real Estate experience, allowing us foresight into the renovation potential of properties. A prime example of such a case is ‘La Estrella del Calvario’ (The Star of the Calvario), an idyllic villa located at the Calvario of Pollensa.

villa Pollensa after reformation by rodemann wood pollensaVilla in Pollensa before the reformation

When Angela and Wolfram, owners of ‘La Estrella de Calvario’, first contacted Rodemann & Wood, their ideal property was so different to their final purchase; they had imagined owning a remote and rustic property with a lot of land. However, at Rodemann & Wood we had recognised the enormous potential within a property in Pollensa, and regardless the fact that it didn’t fit their brief, we took Angela and Wolfram to view the villa. We hoped that they would be the first to see what we saw, despite the fact that the house had no running water and was insecure at the time, with no locks on any of the doors – it was quite simply a mess, but a mess with unrealized potential.

Villa Pollensa - bedroom before the renovation started

Before renovation

Villa Pollensa - the bedroom after the renovation project by Rodemann & Wood Pollensa

After renovation








“We were rather surprised because it looked so ugly on the outside, and it was quite the opposite of the brief!”, however after standing on the terrace and enjoying the enthralling view over the town and to the sea, they shared in our vision. It became quickly apparent to them that the Calvario hill was one of the most exclusive and historic locations in the North of Mallorca, and it was an extremely appropriate location; with three teenage children, Angela and Wolfram knew that this location would give their children a new found freedom, with the Plaça Major being just a couple of minutes away. It has all the benefits of a rural finca without being out of town – the villa is completely private yet the views are breathtaking.”

Villa in Pollensa after the renovation by Rodemann & Wood - new stone facade

The villa after renovation with a new stone facade, windows, floors, terraces – by Rodemann & Wood Pollensa

The villa before renovation work - how Angela and Wolfram first saw the property

The villa before renovation work – how Angela and Wolfram first saw the property

After signing for the property in October 2012, planning permission was in place two months later, and it only took six months for the project to be finished ready for the summer season. When we asked Angela and Wolfram some questions about the project, they were happy to oblige, telling us how useful it was having someone on the ground keeping the momentum going. When asked how they managed the renovation, they told us,

“Rodemann & Wood recommended the architect and building company and kept on top of the project, visiting the site daily. We flew out once a month to make decisions on things like kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and for Angela to start choosing plants for the garden, which is one of her great passions. This house is for the long-term and we have used the highest quality materials, including some wonderful beds which we saw being used by luxury hotels in Germany. It has been a really good team effort.”

Villa in Pollensa after the reformation by Rodemann & Wood

new floors, windows and distribution – the final of the project


When we asked for some feedback regarding the project, we were told by Wolfram and Angela:

“Rodemann & Wood helped to negotiate for us. We really appreciated the speed with which they got our planning permission and they really kept on top of the renovation. Their local knowledge and contacts have been invaluable. Working with Rodemann & Wood has made things so much faster and smoother than if we had tried to buy and renovate it single-handedly, which ultimately is saving us money and making the experience a pleasure.” 

This project was a dream to manage, we were truly inspired by the potential of this property, as the owners were, and it allowed us to work together as a team, achieving the goal as quickly as possible.

We hope that you have been inspired by this transformation, and we promise our clients that we can renovate your property, turning a house into a home. With our knowledge and experience in the local area, we can guarantee a speedy process and the highest quality finish.

Also, should you wish to rent your property, like Angela and Wolfram, we can take care of all the marketing, leaving you to enjoy your time in Mallorca stress-free.

Mallorca's finest - the finished 'La Estrella del Calvario' - available for rent with R&W

Mallorca’s finest – the finished ‘La Estrella del Calvario’ – available for rent with R&W

If you are interested in our renovation projects and what we can DO FOR YOU, please contact Susanne at Rodemann & Wood Pollensa

For any other queries regarding sales or rentals or other Mallorca issues, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team:

kensington international mallorca pollensa

Email: susanne.rodemann@kensington-international.com

Roser Vell 5, 07460 Pollensa

Tel: +34 971 533 323


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