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Education in Mallorca – A unique experience for your children

At Rodemann & Wood, we appreciate that education is one of the most important factors in shaping our lives for the future. Having the best education is a priority, as this prepares children for the challenges they will face in their working life. It is for this reason that we want to assist and reassure you in finding a perfect educational institution for you child here in Mallorca. Furthermore, we will give you a breakdown of all the schools and institutions in Mallorca, to illustrate the number of options from which you have to choose.

International Schooling in Mallorca - allow your children to learn about the multiple cultures in which they are immersed

International Schooling in Mallorca – allow your children to learn about the multiple cultures in which they are immersed

There are a number of British schools in Mallorca, three of which are in Palma. F irst we will introduce you to The Academy in Marraxti. The Academy is a non-denominational, international school set in the heart of the Majorcan countryside. This international school has a number of sports facilities and has its own animals. At The Academy, the teaching medium is English, while other languages taught are Spanish, Catalan and German. The school follows the British National Curriculum, incorporating a wide spectrum of subjects and topics, and leading up to the final IGCSE examinations at 16 years. The Academy takes children from the age of 2-16. For information regarding school fees, please contact the school.

Son Ametler Vell, 16, Marratxi, Mallorca

Postal Address: Apartado 12o, 07141 Marratxi

Telephone: 971 60 50 08

Email: info@theacademyschool.com

King Richard III College, also located outside of Palma in Portals Nous, is another British school offering a complete education for children from ages 4-18. The school follows the English National Curriculum, and offers the opportunity for students to study through to IGCSE and Advanced Level examinations. A broad curriculum is provided here, and the school is regularly inspected by both British and Spanish Ministry of Education inspectors. King Richard III College is authorised by the Spanish education authorities to offer a parallel Spanish programme for native and advanced students of the language, leading to university entrance. The school also has a wide range of appropriate facilities, including science laboratories, a modern library and a sports court. Termly fees start from 1600€.

Calle Oratorio 4

Postal Address: 07181 Portals Nous, Mallorca

Telephone: 971 675850

Email: office@kingrichardcollege.com


Agora Portals – Portals Nous

Also in Portals Nous is Àgora Portals, which is a new, private school, receiving no public grant aid, that belongs to the NACE group of educational centres. They propose a tri-lingual education, mixed and non-confessional, respecting the beliefs of every family and open to an enriching process of dialogue. The education given here is marked by the commitment to educational innovation and high academic and social performance, without renouncing the idea of giving personalised attention to all the pupils.

Carretera Vella d’Antratx

Postal Address: 07181 Calvia (Portals Nous), Mallorca

Telephone: 971 684042

Email: info@agoraportals.edu.es

In Palma, we have six schools/colleges. Four of which are British, one French, and the other German and Scandinavian. One of these British schools is Baleares International School (B.I.S), which welcomes students ages 3 to 18 and follows the British National Curriculum. The majority of the students at B.I.S are English or German, as the school is not licensed to teach the Spanish education system. Although, Spanish language is integrated into the education of the students at age 6, Geman at age 10, and French at age 14. The academic programme at B.I.S prepares children for they Key Stages tests, for IGCSE examinations and for A-levels. In addition, pupils may prepare and sit American tests. Termly fees start from 1400€.

Cabo Mateu Coch, 17, San Agustin

Postal Address: 07015 Palma De Mallorca

Telephone: 971 40 31 61


Another British International College, just 3km from Palma, is Bellver International College, which is a non-denominational, co-educational day school, authorised by both the British Department for Education and the Spanish Ministry of Education. The modern premises have a range of facilities to which students have access. Bellver adopts a combined pragmatic and academic philosophy which encourages its pupils to participate in a wide range of academic studies. The teaching medium is English, but English/Spanish bilingual. French, German and Catalan are also offered. Bellver prepares students for IGCSE, AICE and A Level examinations, with the opportunity for Spain’s Baccalaureate and University entrance exams to also be taken. 98% of Bellver students study further in education at universities in Spain, Europe or America. Termly fees start from 1300€.

C/José Costa i Ferrer, 5 Marivent – Calamayor

Postal Address: 07015 Palma De Mallorca

Telephone: 971 40 16 79/40 42 63

Email: nameperson@bellver.baleares.net

Queen’s College, occupying an idyllic location overlooking the bay of Palma, is an English medium school with approximately 300 pupils, ranging from 3 to 18 years. Success in public examinations at Queen’s College is seen as an essential target and although proud of its academic achievement, the school provides education in its broadest sense, encouraging and enabling pupils to lead full, happy lives, with positive contributions to any society in which they may find themselves. A British curriculum is followed, leading eventually to students taking GCSE and GCE ‘A’ level examinations. Alongside the British curriculum, selected components of the official Spanish curriculum are offered to Spanish students and others capable of studying in both languages. Termly fees start from 1360€.

Juan de Saridakis, 64

Postal Address: 07015 Palma De Mallorca

Telephone: 971 40 10 11

Email: info@qcmallorca.com

Palma College is a sixth form college, welcoming students of ages 16-18, and offering a wide choice of academic and vocational subjects alongside a comprehensive enrichment programme. This sixth form college is dedicated to providing older pupils the opportunity for advancing their education and life skills.

Carrer Can Veri

Postal Address 507001 Palma De Mallorca

Telephone: 971724083

Email: office@palmacollege.com

See your children enjoying their education at school in Mallorca

See your children enjoying their education at school in Mallorca

In Palma, there is a French school, College Français de Palma, which provides a French curriculum based education for students from 3 to 18 years. Students study English, Spanish and Catalan, and all other subjects are taught in French. Fees start from 830€ per term.

Salud, 4

Postal Address: 07041 Palma De Mallorca

Telephone 971 737 920

Email: seclfpalma@gmail.com

Finally, we have the Eurocampus, where the German and Scandinavian Schools have joined. This small school follows both the German and Swedish education systems for students aged 2 to 14. Although students may study many subjects separate according to their nationality, the two schools share Spanish and English classes as well as sports. The average termly fee is 350€. Only German or Swedish students are eligible to attend Eurocampus.

Carrer de la Infanta, 15

Postal Address 07014, Palma De Mallorca

Telephone: 971 733 730

Email: info@dsmallorca.de

We hope that this breakdown of information has allowed you to better your understanding of the education options in Mallorca, and that this may ease any decisions you must make. For further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

Address: Roser Vell 5, 07460 Pollensa, Mallorca

Telephone: +34 971 533 353

Email: susanne.rodemann@kensington-international.com

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