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Expand your skills in Palma de Mallorca!

After having introduced you to the charming capital of our beautiful island, and of course introducing you to stunning new properties each week, we thought that it was about time that you knew a secret. Based in the heart of Palma is 3PHASE Lingua Group, a language school that aids your learning with a whole range of techniques!

Learn Spanish in Mallorca with 3PHASE Lingua Group!

Learn Spanish in Mallorca with 3PHASE Lingua Group!

We have to admit, on arrival to Mallorca, some of our team did not speak Spanish fluently; we were under the impression that everybody in Mallorca spoke English. It was not a priority to learn Spanish, and after all, it seemed a very difficult and complex language. We understand that many of our clients and new homeowners in Mallorca have the same concerns about learning Spanish, but we want to encourage you to learn the native language of Mallorca, and to feel more at home! We found a method of learning Spanish that boosted our confidence and reduced the number of obstacles we had to face – we were fluent in no time!

The 3PHASE Superlearning Method activates and focuses both hemispheres of the brain, opening vast potential for learning and recalling. Several techniques are used in the learning stages, including: relaxation, visualizations, breathing, meditation, music, repetition and movement – the Superlearning method takes you into a relaxed physical condition. The mind is therefore awake, alert and more receptive, thus resulting in learning a foreign language much more quickly and effectively than other methods. The 3 phases of learning are infact; Professional Care by Native Speakers, The Alpha State, and Information Storage.

The Courses are offered at four locations across Mallorca:

  • Hotel Dorint ***** – Camp de Mar, Port d’Andratx
  • Maricel Hotel & Spa ***** – 5 minutes from Palma and Puerto Portals
  • Castillo Hotel Son Vida *****
  • Nautic Hotel & Spa  **** – Palma
  • Golf Club San Gual – Manacor, Palma
Beautiful setting of the Maricel Hotel & Spa

Beautiful setting of the Maricel Hotel & Spa

Maricel Hotel & Spa is an R&W favourite, for more details see here.

These 3 – 5 day language courses are second to none and we can assure you that your language skills will have hugely improved by the end! Prices are available on request from 3PHASE Lingua Group. We wish you the best of luck with your new learning and we would like to personally invite you to come to our office and practice your newly found skills! For more information regarding 3PHASE Lingua Group or Palma de Mallorca, please do not hesitate to contact Susanne, founder of R&W and official licensing partner of Kensington Finest Properties International:

kensington international mallorca pollensa

Email: susanne.rodemann@kensington-international.com

Roser Vell 5, 07460 Pollensa

Tel: +34 971 533 323



Winter in Mallorca Means Brisk Business for Rodemann & Wood

Winter in Mallorca Means Brisk Business for Rodemann & Wood


Mallorca Puerto Andratx south facing villa for sale

Jan. 25, 2015POLLENSA, SpainIt is the end of January. The extended Christmas festivities are over and we just finished  the “explosive” festival period of San Anton – just one of the many incredible delights of living in the Balearic Islands.

Like much of Europe, Spain was particularly hard hit by the world-wide economic downturn triggered by the Lehman Brothers collapse of 2008 and the ensuing discovery of what has become known as massive toxic debt permeating the international bank system, particularly in Europe. And being a (somewhat reluctant) part of Spain, Mallorca was likewise very badly hit. Property bubbles burst and the market came down to earth with a bang and a crunch.

But last year seemed to mark a turning point for Spain and its little Balearic island outpost of Mallorca – the jewel in the crown of the Mediterranean. After all, the world is now awash with money but with few safe havens for it to take refuge. The US stock market is booming, but interest rates are at an almost all time low world-wide – indeed in negative territory when adjusting for inflation – and the gold and commodity markets are in a slump. It’s an artificial condition caused by the too many governments printing too much money they don’t have. So what is a person to do who has some money to invest, perhaps a retirement annuity maturing, or having sold their Moscow vodka distillery (which, by the way, might be a good idea since these days in Russia, wine – particularly the sparkling variety, is now “in” and spirits are so passé) or if they just happened to win the latest EuroMillions Lottery?

lifestyle penthouse for sale in Palma de Mallorca

lifestyle penthouse for sale in Palma de Mallorca

Well, Susanne Rodemann of Rodemann & Wood and license partner of the luxury real estate brand Kensington Finest Properties International in the discrete and classy little market town of Pollensa in the North of Mallorca believes that she has the answer. “The north of Mallorca,” says Susanne, “particularly the area around Pollensa and its port has a lot to offer international real estate investors. Firstly, the North of the island is quite different from the South. It is much more rural and no matter where you are, you are never far from some of the most beautiful countryside and stunning scenery in the Mediterranean, even though only a forty-five minute drive from Palma along a new motorway. And property prices in Mallorca, not to mention the cost of living, are significantly lower than other Mediterranean destinations having any semblance of sophistication, such as the French or Italian Rivieras. In spite of the recent market upturn, it is still early days and there are many bargains to be had.”

But it is not just the prices that should attract investors to the island, explains Susanne. It is the quality of life. Even at the height of the tourist season in July and August, the little towns, fishing villages and incredible beaches with seemingly miles of silver sand are never overcrowded. Plus there is the added benefit of the amazing lush countryside and natural scenery of the ever-present Serra de Tramuntana mountains as a constant backdrop. Of course there is also the spectacular Cap de Formentor peninsula with its breath-taking views. “This is probably one of the most stunningly impressive sights in the Mediterranean, but it is still relatively unknown. So please don’t tell anyone about it – it’s our secret!” enthuses Susanne.


Waterfront luxury villa in Formentor Mallorca


Spain is just starting to emerge from the depression and unemployment is still very high. However, many hard lessons have been learnt, and the country is now marketing itself as an up-market destination and centre of culture. As somewhere to live or as a retirement destination it has little competition in Europe. Not only is the cost of living still relatively low compared with most other parts of Western Europe, but communications and infrastructure are also good and there is an excellent health service that is second to none. This is particularly true in Mallorca which has the added bonus of being a truly multi-cultural society with large expatriate communities, particularly English and German, although with others rapidly catching up, such as those from Scandinavia and Russia – all attracted by the island’s natural beauty and quality of life, not to mention all that sunshine, even in Winter!

Since last year, Rodemann & Wood has seen a significant upturn in the local property market and 2015 is all set to be another year of steady growth, or possibly more, as buyers from around the world return to the market in search not only of a sound investment but also a way align their finances with their lifestyle aspirations in a harmonious and satisfying way.Anyone interested in investing in Mallorca property can contact Susanne Rodemann and her team on +34 971 533 323 or via their website http://www.rodemannwood.com

City Life – Palma de Mallorca

This week at Rodemann & Wood, we are introducing you to Palma, the biggest and buzziest city on Mallorca. We want to encourage you to discover Palma and what lies within the city; chic bars and boutiques, charming architecture, and top chefs feeding the appetites of the laid-back locals.

La Seu - the Grand Gothic Cathedral in the heart of Palma

La Seu – the Grand Gothic Cathedral in the heart of Palma

Home to around half of Mallorca’s population, Palma offers a stylish, sophisticated, and intimate atmosphere, yet bursts with life and culture. The city is a world-famous summer holiday destination due to the brilliant climate and beautiful beaches. It’s cosmopolitan heart embraces many people from Spain and Europe, supplemented by migrants from South America and Africa. We want give you the insider tips on some ‘hot spots’ within the Capital.

apartment palma

Apartment for sale in Palma de Mallorca

To indulge your more cultural self, we can suggest Es Baluard Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art, located in a former fortress, the Baluard de Sant Pere, the museum brims with paintings, sculptures, ceramics and drawings by 20th century greats, and the more recent rising stars of the cultural world. A must-see in Palma is the Old Town, full of secrets, and with the ability to captivate your heart from the first look. The narrow cobbled streets are dotted with tapas bars, cafes and boutiques. Property sales in Palma de Mallorca are booming. Here an example of a beautiful apartment for sale in the heart of Palma de Mallorca.

For shopping, Palma can meet your every desire, and you will never believe what you can find tucked away in the maze of the Old Town. The Mercat de Santa Catalina is a fantastic indoor market (great for testing the water with your Spanish!), and offers delicious locally sourced food. Of course, we also recommend Rialto Living in Palma for shopping – an R&W favourite!

Rialto Living, Palma - for the well-traveled fashion and design interested customer

Rialto Living, Palma – for the well-traveled fashion and design interested customer

To really live like a local in Palma, you need to know some insider secrets. Take advantage of the ‘menú del día’, usually three courses with a glass of wine, and offered at restaurants across the city. Also, discover eating on the move, beginning with oysters at Ostras, then continue to S’Alga for strips of salty ibérico ham, and finally to Cappuccino Grand Café for a coffee with rum.

The city of Palma lies in the shadow of its magnificent Cathedral – La Seu. This really is the ultimate attraction in Palma, something that everyone should see. It is truly charming, and allows for you to uncover the proud history of Palma. If you don’t get the chance to visit the Cathedral and admire the interior, it really is just breathtaking to observe the incredible architecture and intricate detail of the building from the city streets, perhaps while enjoying a coffee.

night reflection in Palma de Mallorca – Es Balluard Museum


You will fall in love with Palma, as we all have before. It is a truly beautiful corner of our island; for more information, please do not hesitate to contact Susanne, founder of R&W and official licensing partner of Kensington Finest Properties International:


kensington international mallorca pollensa

Email: susanne.rodemann@kensington-international.com

Roser Vell 5, 07460 Pollensa

Tel: +34 971 533 323


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